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The mannequin is an object that mimics a human being (some or all of them) with the correct proportions.

Historical notes

The derivation of the name is still uncertain. From Dutch Manneken meaning small man. Or French Manne, Cesta, with respect to woven wicker basket weavers were also with the Dummies. You have written for Dummies, in Europe, defined as large dolls, by the end of 1300. Mainly sent, complete with an entire wardrobe, the Court of Paris to other European courts. In Venice, in the eighteenth century, during the feast of the Ascension ’, large dolls dressed all ’ were exposed last French fashion. Were called Piavole de Franza (France dolls). Dolls dressed in all European ’ departed from Paris and London to meet the wealthiest families d ’ Overseas, so that the ladies could choose their clothes all ’ latest fashion. From the second half of the 19th century ’, small dolls were used on which the great seamstresses made, in small proportions, copies of their creations.

Dressmaking mannequin

The Dummies 1893

The dressmaker dummy, need to try on clothes while you SEW. Its shape and size was determined from a mold on the person.


The dummy used in tailoring has only the middle part of the body, a torso: is IE without head, arms and legs, in their place to hold there is a floor lamp, usually a tripod. A papier-mâché shell, wood or plastic, coated fabric. There are depicting the female form, man and child: can be modified by adding or removing part of ’ padding to match the shape of a specific body.


Each dummy plays a bounty and tailors may have more than one. Of course you can't build a small outfit on a mannequin of size large, to work around this issue of plus there is a pattern adjustable composed of a shell divided into four parts with an internal mechanism that makes them closer or farther apart, via a screw selector, so you can choose the right size. For those women a device also lets you adjust the protrusion and breast size.

Featured mannequin

Serves to expose garments, that mimics the human figure spaces. There are basically two types: What realistic, product with features, colours and details mimicking people and stylized ones, where the colors and facial features do not respect reality. Built with removable parts, in order to be dressed, and flip cards, to be able to take different positions. The mannequin from display case, as we know it today, find a spread in the second half of the 19th century ’, in Paris, with the rise of department stores.

Fine arts mannequin

Articulated manikin

Also called articulated mannequin is a scale model of the human body made of wood joints that allow the placement in particular poses but perfectly compatible with human physiology. It is used by artists, mostly painters and sculptors, to make reproductions of human figures where the position of the body and limbs are natural. The articulated mannequin is made of wood and it seams that reproduce, form and motion possibilities, the human ones. This way you can play different positions all natural and real human.

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