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Mannequins Best Price 2018 Ego Lite

Mannequins Used by: Adidas, Geox, Sergio Tacchini, Conte of Florence

Mannequins Best Price 2018 Ego Lite Grey

Mannequins Used by: Champion, Italo Treni, ForcaPortugal

Mannequins Best Price 2018 Ego Lite Black

Mannequins Used by: Nike, Uniform, Benetton

Stylized Mannequins 2018 New Prestige

Mannequins Used by: Benetton, Aeropostale, Bluesand

Stylized Mannequins 2018 New Delice

Mannequins Used by: Michael Kors, Borbonese, OVS, Intimissimi

Tall Mannequins 2018 New Croisette

All positions availables in white and grey.

Classic Mannequins

Mannequins Used by: Adidas, Benetton

Realistic Mannequins

Tailoring Mannequins

Sportive Mannequins




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